Putting Stress Into Perspective.

After a super stressful end to the uni year, It's been wonderful to relax and ease into the summer break. [STRESS] - Now, I must admit, I'm not one to preach on this topic. At least a few times a year, I'll have a complete breakdown due to various obstacles in life. Luckily, most of the … Continue reading Putting Stress Into Perspective.

Essential Oils: Nature’s Multitasker.

Today's blog post is extra special as I'm having a chat with my sister, Charlotte! For a while now, she's been raving about essential oils. She uses them for just about everything! Every time I walk into her house it smells absolutely lovely. Not in a chemical-y way, but in a natural, earthy way. I, myself, … Continue reading Essential Oils: Nature’s Multitasker.