Published Work

Flora & Fauna

January, 2020

Tea For Any Occasion 

How To Have An Ethical Self Care Routine

Tips For Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

Meet Your Everyday Plastics

Composting In An Apartment

5 Simple Ways To Save Water At Home

Your Guide To A Technology Detox

Flora & Fauna

October – December, 2019

The Curly Girl Method

Our Top 3 Menstrual Products

Self-Tanning With Eco Tan

Why Choose A Natural Sunscreen?

Getting Started With Essential Oils

Our Top 5 Reusable Coffee (Or Tea!) Cups

Earthling Magazine

October, 2019

‘How to Use Mindfulness to Combat Eco-Anxiety’

“It seems like more people than ever are experiencing eco-anxiety. The overwhelming sense of dread – usually triggered by reading and watching the news – is making us feel frustrated, helpless, and detached from the natural world. The solution? Practicing mindfulness and creating positive action.”


Earthling Magazine

September, 2019

‘Behind The Ongoing Ecological Disaster of the Amazon Rainforest Fires’

“Many of us think of the Amazon Rainforest as a permanent, untouchable feature on Earth; a place where nature can exist freely, animals can evolve and thrive together, and humans can coexist peacefully. But the beating heart of the rainforest – the trees, rivers, animals, and indigenous peoples – are in the midst of a fierce battle against fire, felling, and a formidable political opponent.”


Flora & Fauna

July – August, 2019

Keep Going After Plastic Free July

Our Top 5 Cling Wrap Alternatives

Why Choose A Shampoo & Conditioner Bar?

Flora & Fauna

May – June, 2019

Preparing For Plastic Free July At Home

Moving Away From Materialism

Your Plastic Free July Toolkit

Preparing For Plastic Free July In The Workplace

Tips For Starting a Vegan Lifestyle

Zero Waste Kitchen

Why Choose Cruelty-Free?

Skincare For the Colder Weather

Zero Waste Bathroom

Earthling Magazine

May, 2019

‘Climate Change is Deadly for Coastal Areas and Island States’

“I’ve lived by the coast my whole life. Every summer as a kid, I’d spend my days swimming at the local beach under the harsh Australian sun. Back then, it never would’ve occurred to me that the sleepy coastal town I grew up in would ever be threatened by climate change.”


Flora & Fauna

March – April, 2019

Spend Time with Mum This Mother’s Day

Using Oils For Oily Skin

Earth Month – How to Get Involved

Top 5 Plastic Products to Avoid

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Zero Waste or Low Waste

Flora & Fauna

January – February, 2019

5 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Camper

Getting Started with an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Harsh Ingredients To Avoid Everyday

Why Choose Vegan Makeup

10 Easy Switches to Being a More Sustainable Student