FACE THE FACTS — Methane / Climate Change

Find all infographics on Instagram — @sentientsoul PROBLEM: METHANE / CLIMATE CHANGE [1] Gerber, P.J., Steinfeld, H., Henderson, B., Mottet, A., Opio, C., Dijkman, J., Falcucci, A. & Tempio, G. 2013. Tackling climate change through livestock – A global assessment of emissions and mitigation opportunities. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome. … Continue reading FACE THE FACTS — Methane / Climate Change


For The Love Of Meat?

"I had no idea that there were any environmental factors that were damaging in meat production" "It's disturbing" "No one thinks about that sort of thing" "That picture is far from the supermarket" These were some of the responses after witnessing the extent of land clearing for cattle farming in central Queensland, Australia. Approximately 40 football … Continue reading For The Love Of Meat?

Climate Change. Where To Begin?

Ah, climate change. The topic that many Australian politicians can't seem to grasp. Last September, Liberal National Party senator Ian Macdonald told the federal parliament that Australia’s children have been “brainwashed” about human-induced climate change, which he described as “a fad or a farce or a hoax” and “farcical and fanciful”. Don't even get me … Continue reading Climate Change. Where To Begin?